Winning U-G-L-Y

3/15/2007 9:09:44 PM Stephen Curry got star treatment by the officials today. Make no mistake. He is a legit player. But that call against Ibekwe that fouled him out? Pleeeaaase. I thought I was watching Dwayne Wade in the NBA Finals last year. The kid can shoot, but he has not earned that yet.

Regardless, Maryland cannot expect to win more games turning the ball over like that. General Greivis needs to calm down. Without Hayes steadying the offense in the second half the Terps may be headed home right now.

My hat goes off to Osby. He really stepped up nicely when Ibekwe predictably had to sit down with foul trouble.

Speaking of, what is wrong with Ibekwe? He is fine when he is out on the court (11 and 11 today) except when he is committing stupid fouls. Gary exacerbates the problem by putting him in the backcourt when they run the press. Huh?

And Strawberry? What is wrong with him? Taking jump shots with 30 seconds on the clock? Forcing passes? Stick to what got you here, DJ.

Now Butler is good, but Maryland does not have to play perfectly to beat them. Maryland needs to play better, but not perfect. Regardless, I expect a strong performance on Saturday. If the Terps win, we have had an outstanding season. Anything after that would be gravy. Everyone on the court knows this.

A flat performance would not be in this team's character.

Now, I just finished watching VCU heroically take down Duke. I can't say I was surprised. I predicted that very result in my last post. But, I'll tell you what startled me even less. The ridiculous partisan treatment that the announcers give the Dukies. Did anyone else see that obvious flop that Paulus made midway through the 2nd half? The official motioned for him to get up, yet the announcer said he was "clobbered". I rewinded it and the VCU player was just standing there.  Paulus just fell down in hopes of drawing a whistle.

It disingenous and it is obvious that Coach K teaches this behavior.  It's been happening for years with his players.

I'm so tired of this. Sean McManus, President of CBS Sports is a Duke alum, and boy does it show. Watching Duke on CBS is painful.

A fellow alum of ours apparently got fed up to:

This may be the funnest YouTube video of all-time. That is why Duke sucks.

I can't wait for Saturday, but neither can Butler fans.  Bring it on.
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