We Won A Hoops Game!

12/29/2007 5:34:40 PM Okay, I'm giving some love now.

Please excuse no post on the huge hoops win on Friday. Spent the night watching the bowl debacle, then had a 1st year birthday party for my son. But enough about me, the Terps looked like a basketball team again. Wow.

Stat of the game. We shot 48%. They weren't all layups either, so that's a big improvement. We had a height advantage inside and actually took advantage of it, more than doubling up Delaware on the boards. However, the fact that they shot only 14 free throws is still a concern. They can't settle for jump shots and need a guy who can drive to the hole.

It's a shame that we get excited about one victory over a bad team, but we are a bad team right now, so we'll take what we can get. After the game, the players and coaches were convinced that the team came out with more passion and played Maryland basketball for the first time in a month. That's all well and good, but these guys are going to have to do this on a game to game basis in order to try and dig out from this huge hole they have dug for themselves.

Savannah State does not worry me too much, despite this season's struggles. I really want to watch them against Charlotte on the road on Saturday. A noon start on a Saturday should help us learn whether or not this team has a chance to turn things around. It would be a big win, but one game against Delaware hasn't proved anything to me yet.
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