Vote For Turtle Soup!

9/27/2009 7:41:16 PM The Baltimore Sun has nominated Turtle Soup for its first annual MOBBIE (Maryland's Outstanding Blogs) Awards.  The category is rather narrow (best Terps blog); but one that I think we can win.

Anyone is eligible to vote once per day, starting tomorrow (Monday 9/28).  You can vote here.  You will need to scroll down the page until you find the Terps category.  I don't know what Gregg and I would actually "win" if we were chosen; but it would be really cool to win something.  I hope that you loyal readers will find time this week to vote for us.

Turner Injured?

Patrick Stevens, the Terps beat writer for the Washington Times tweeted this a couple of hours ago
Ralph on Turner: "Been banged up a little bit. He's getting a little skittish. I have every faith in Chris. He'll come back. He always has."

Aside from the fact that no bigger lie than "I have every faith in Chris" has ever been uttered; the Terps are either starting the excuse-making phase of this abortion of a season, or Turner has been playing hurt.

I am inclined to believe the latter.  Turner was never the best decision maker to put on pads; but his senior year has defied logic.  A guy like Turner who has finally begin given the keys to the team after two years of being named backup to start the season; should not regress like this.

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter.  Injured or healthy, the Terps are terrible right now
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