Vasquez Ranked #2 By Sporting News

9/23/2009 9:51:09 AM Sporting News says that the Lion of Caracas is the second best shooting guard in the country.  Now you would think that they would have something nice to say about Greivis.  Instead we get the following blurb:
For a guy who doesn't make many 3s, he has tried a lot of them — because the Terps have needed somebody to try something. They should be more complete this season, allowing Vasquez to be more judicious.

And the back-handed compliment award goes to.....

What does a guy have to do to get something nice written about him?  Here we have writer Mike DeCourcy proclaiming that GV is second to only one shooting guard in the nation and the only comment DeCourcy can muster is that Greivis can't hit threes.  If so, I humbly ask, why is Greivis the second best SG in the country?  Perhaps DeCourcy could tell his readers what he likes about Vasquez? Honestly, is that too much to ask?
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