UVa Post Mortem

2/7/2007 5:45:04 PM Wow. Thank you for all the comments. I was too exasperated to write anything last night, but the game spoke for itself.

I think part of the reason why we have passed the 50 comment mark less than 24 hours after the game is that by and large, the entire state is mystified by what is happening in College Park. Everyone knows Gary can coach and has competed at a high level everywhere he has gone.

(Although his Wikipedia entry mentions that he exclusively runs the flex offense. When you can game plan for a team by reading the coach's Wikipedia entry, you know it is time to tweak the offense! Warrants mentioning.)

So why do we suck so bad? It can't all be Gary's fault. It's impossible. His system works with the right players. His has proven it over and over again. Personally, I believe that losing Billy Hahn (he's available, by the way) has hurt the program tremendously. As was mentioned in an earlier comment, Gary doesn't develop a personal bond with his players. This is evident after they leave the program, while they are there, and of course on the recruiting trail.

(There is a reason why Kovarik left with Patsos and didn't stay on. He could have been a top assistant with all of the turnover.)

Billy Hahn filled this void wonderfully. Is Driesell Part Deux the answer? Remains to be seen. One thing is for sure. Billy Hahn knew what players fit in with the flex offense and he had a way of bonding with them. That is just not what Gary is good at. Unlike the hated (and I mean hated) Coach K, he needs a second fiddle who fills that role with the players.

I'd be willing to bet that there are more ex-players who talk to Hahn, Patsos, et.al than still talk to Gary.

Gary needs to fill this gap and fast. He may have already done that with Driesell, but we won't know until we see what next year's recruiting class looks like in two years.
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