Turgeon General Lands First Terps Recruit

5/14/2011 6:55:19 PM Gary Williams retired less than 10 days ago, yet new coach, Mark Turgeon has already landed his first recruit.

6'2" PG Seth Allen committed to the Terps this afternoon after visiting the campus.  Allen is from Fredericksburg, VA and had been recruited by Turgeon while he was still at A&M.  Allen is nowhere to be found on any of the major recruiting boards (ESPN, Yahoo, MSN Scout); but his numbers are impressive nonetheless.  He averaged 24 points per game for Fredericksburg Catholic.  He led them to a 31-2 record and he had a 40 inch vertical leap. His coach calls him a lefthanded Steve Francis.  Topping it off, he's good first with the other 2012 Terps commit, Justin Anderson.  If nothing else, this solidifies Anderson's verbal.

Just because Allen is unheralded, does not mean that he is not an elite talent.  He's clearly an incredible athlete (40 inch vert!) and he has brought a tiny high school basketball program unprecedented success. If gets on a major AAU team this summer, we could see his stock rise quickly.

Reading the tea leaves; Allen's commitment should be seen as the final nail in the coffin for Sterling Gibbs' chances of suiting up for the Terps next season.  Whether it is mutual or not; Turgeon is clearly not expecting Gibbs to come to MD.  Turgeon was already high on Allen and it just makes sense to spread out your PGs in two year increments.  With Stoglin and Howard in tow, Allen makes sense for 2012.

In other news, it's been reported (by DBR and others) that Dalonte Hill, the K-State super-assistant interviewed for the top assistant job on Turgeon's staff.  He's a monster recruiter and has extremely close ties with AAU community (in particular, DC Assault).  He makes $400K/year at K-State, but would take less to move back home (he's from MD).  Hill will make Maryland an instant player for local 5-star recruits.  He's a game changer.

The commitment of Seth Allen and the courting of Hill demonstrate Mark Turgeon's decisiveness.  It's hard not to admire the approach.  Turgeon seems to know what it takes to build a powerhouse and he's taking those steps during his first week on the job. If Turgeon is able to secure the re-commitment of Faust and Bruenig; then he gets A+ for his first week on the job.

Speaking of Messrs. Faust and Bruenig; I've yet to hear about their status.  It doesn't appear they've visited any other schools since de-commiting (good news); but they haven't re-committed yet either despite Bino Ranson being retained (concerning news).  Hopefully, Turgeon will announce his staff in the next 24 hours and Faust and Bruenig will re-commit shortly thereafter.
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