The Boys Can Actually Shoot - Terps Blow Past Morgan State, 89-65

12/7/2007 11:06:13 AM I missed the game. I work in online media and the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association had its annual party last. The Morgan State - Maryland game was a casualty. On the bright side, you will all be happy to know that Andrew Shue (Billy from Melrose Place) is alive and well. Apparently, he sells advertising for a couple of his Mom's web sites. Randomly, he was there. He went to UVa, so it took much willpower for to not kick him in the nuts. He is also about 5'2". Why am I telling you this? I have no idea.

No matter. Judging from the box score, the Terps had their best shooting night of the year. 50% from the field! Will miracles never cease? Even Vasques dropped in three treys during the game. Of course, it took the Terps 20 minutes and 13 first half turnovers to warm up; but at least they played one solid half.

Vasquez had a whopping 7 turnovers. I appreciate StevenD's comment about Vasquez needing to make mistakes so he can get better. Maybe that is what is happening, but Greivis is going to be responible for more heart attacks than Vioxx. I love the swagger; but until he is able to consistently keep his turnovers under 4 per game, his nickname will be continue to be Nik Caner-Vasquez and not General Greivis.

The BC game on Sunday is so huge, it's massive. Thank whoever it is that you like to thank in these situations (God, Jesus, Allah, Hare Krishna) that it is being played at Comcast. The Terps are still too young and mistake-prone to turn in a good performance on the road against a quality team and this is a game that we need desperately.

With the early season troubles, it's clear that we will need at least a .500 record in conference to merit tournament consideration. That means losing home games is not an option. If we can win on Sunday and also scrounge out a victory on the road against Charlotte, and we will be back on track.
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