Terps vs. Wake Preview

10/9/2009 8:02:15 AM Before we talk about tomorrow's game; I have a few housekeeping items.

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Wake v. Maryland

Maryland is to Wake what Penn State used to be to Maryland.  The Terps are 41-15 all-time against the Demon Deacons.  That's about as lopsided a rivalry that the Terps have (in our favor at least).  Wake has won 2 of 3; but this is a game where the Terps should not have any fear.

Maryland will have the most talent on the field and the home crowd in Winston-Salem is not exactly deafening.  Those two factors alone should give the Terps a better than even chance to come home with a "W".

The key to the game for Maryland will be to limit mistakes and self-inflicted wounds.  The Terps have yet to play a turnover-free game.  As we all know, turnovers on the road are much harder to overcome.  The RBs will have additional pressure on them because Da'Rel Scott is unavailable.  Meggett and the other backups must step up.

Chris Turner will need to play his best game of the year if the Terps are going to win.  The sentence looks frightening; but when looking at Turner's body of work this year, it is not saying much.

The defense has played solidly since Rutgers and that must continue tomorrow.

If the Terps win; I think the Terps are back on track for a bowl game.  Two weeks ago, that was unthinkable.  I think we should all be thankful for that.
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