Terps vs. PooVa

10/19/2007 3:15:33 PM So UVA is 6-1? Who have they played? They have a nice win against GaTech at home, but then again, so do the Terps. Besides that, show me the quality win? UConn? Middle Tennesee State? Pittsburgh and Duke are terrible. Somehow, UVA is #19 in the BCS standings? Explain that to me please. Any team that is 6-1 deserves respect, but Maryland should feel confident coming into the Homecoming game on Saturday night. This is a rivalry game (or as close to one as Maryland Football has to a rivalry game) and the Terps are playing well right now. Oddmakers essentially have this one listed at even money (the home team always gets 3-4 points and Maryland is 4 point favorite), but i can't figure it.

Our Terps are better than the media or the national polls suggest. Aside from WVU, the only team that has beaten Maryland this year is Maryland (that's the last time I reference the Wake game). Perhaps the media is knocking us down for the way we have been winning. After all, it has not been all peanuts and balloons. Let's not forget the near collapses against GaTech and Rutgers. Maryland escaped both of those contests, but not after nearly blowing big leads. Somehow, they keep finding ways to win. This attribute is a hallmark of Ralph Friedgen. Frankly, I think the Terps should be getting credit for winning this way, not getting knocked down. It illustrates character. Winning teams have character.

(Of course, the Terps lack of respect at the polls could simply be because no one outside of the Maryland is actually watching, but that's another story.)

Remember the Clemson game last year? What about the Miami game? Florida State? NC State? Maryland has squeaked by quite a bit over the last two seasons, yet our boys continually seem to come out on top, aside from Wake Forest. (Dammit! I told you to forget about Wake Forest!). How long can the magic last? No one knows, but if Chris Turner continues to gain confidence; he will be able to take pressure off the defense. Our running is solid and so is our run defense. Two things that UVA has yet to face in tandem this season.

Here's my prediction: if the Terps can prevail against the Cavs, then I expect a fired up 7-2 Terps squad to play host to BC for the Coastal division title on November 10. As a Terps football fan, could you hope for anything more? We know that our boys won't be playing for a national title any time soon, so being in the hunt for the ACC Title is our only goal. Tomorrow will be the next step in that long process.
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