Terps vs. Mt. St. Marys

12/7/2011 5:23:45 PM Damn Central Time Zone.  These games creep up on me.  I almost missed tip-off. 

I had to look up who the Terps were playing so suffice it to say that the excitement for the season has been ratcheted down as we head in to cupcake time.

The Mount (had to look up their name) will not pose much of a threat.  However, our Terps have yet to definitively dominate anyone this year, so a 20+ point win would be a welcome change. 

We need to look for continued improvement by everyone.  Better shot selection, better passing, better rebounding, better defense.

The good news so far this week is that Pe'Shon Howard will likely be back for the December 28th game vs. Albany.  That is the same game we expect to have Alex Len in uniform.  This is great news.  Turgeon will now have three games to work Howard and Len into the rotation before the ACC season tips off at NC State on January 8th.

13-3 is not out of the question folks. 

Tonight's game is on ESPN3. Enjoy.
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