Terps Trounce FSU; UNC Now Means Something

2/23/2011 9:09:35 PM The Terps played a great game. Granted the last 7 minutes looked ugly; but they were able to extend the lead and FSU is a great defensive team.  It was the Terps best effort of the season.

Maryland finally has an RPI 50 win temporarily.  I say that because FSU is teetering on the edge (ranked #50 at tipoff) and will likely drop out tomorrow.  Oh well. Maryland can't worry about that now anyway.  They need to put as many wins on the docket as possible.

Stoglin continued his brilliance with a big second half and the Terps proved they could score even with Jordan Williams trapped in a forest of giants for most of the game.

Dino Gregory has become the leader of the team.  Steady as a rock, he never takes a bad shot.  He leads by example and now he is shooting the lights out.  If we make the Tournament, it will be because of his leadership and Stoglin's emergence.

Bowie played a nice game.  He dished out 6 assists and was aggressive in the right ways.  I still can't trust him the way I do the freshman; but I prefer him to Mosley and Cliff Tucker's decomposing corpse.

Mosley forced things a little; but at least he was alive out there.  He even hit a three!  Cliff Tucker might as well quit the team at this point.  He acts as if he barely cares.  It's really quite sad.

So now, the Terps have earned a meaningful game at UNC.  If the Terps can muster a great performance and beat the Tarheels; they are a decent shot to make the Dance.  But make no mistake; even a win at UNC will not have earned the Terps a ticket.  For that to occur, Maryland needs to win out and probably beat either BC or VT in the ACCT.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  UNC is winnable.  Maryland has won 4 of 5 against UNC.  There should be no fear when we go down to Chapel Hill.  They are a good team on hot streak; but Maryland can win.  The season hinges on Sunday.  Congrats to the Terps for getting there with a pulse.

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