Terps Pull Away Late as Len Impresses In Debut

12/28/2011 8:05:59 PM At times it wasn't pretty; but the Terps looked like a complete team tonight.  Five players scored in double digits (Howard, Faust, Len, Padgett, Stoglin).  The Terps also dominated on the glass (49-28).

Despite the massive rebounding disparity; the game was relatively close. Albany took outstanding care of the basketball only turning the basketball over five times.  The Terps were not so careful.  16 turnovers kept Albany in it. 
The Terps' sloppiness belied the overall performance.  Len's arrival transformed the Terps offensively. Suddenly, the Terps had options both inside and outside.  Stoglin and Faust found space to create; while Padgett and Len were there to clean up any mistakes.

Led by Pe'Shon Howard (8) the Terps recorded a season high 19 assists.  The Terps also recorded nine blocks with Len and Weijs getting three apiece.  Albany shot poorly from the field as well.  It's clear that the addition of Len helped out defensively as well.

Before the game, I noted that we should pay close attention to the individual plus/minus of each player.  Looking at the numbers; it doesn't tell you much. Berend Weijs led the way with +21 while Pankey pulled up the rear at -10.  Alex Len was a pedestrian +2. 

I believe the plus/minus statistics are off because the Terps turned the ball over so much.  Len was particularly bad.  He had 5 turnovers and it was clear he needs to get in better sync with the rest of the team.  The good news is that things will definitely improve after today.  He's been on the active roster for 1 game so it figures that his turnovers will go down as he learns to play with everyone in an actual game setting.

The bottom line is that the Terps finally look like a real team.  Yes, they still aren't blowing people out, but I think the Terps can now compete in the ACC.
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