Terps Open Football Season Against William And Mary

8/31/2012 9:03:30 PM Let's be honest.  No one really thinks these Terps are going to be much good this year.  I'd say all hope went out the door when CJ Brown got injured but that would be a lie.  My hope faded when Danny O'Brien transferred. 

In order to be competitive, the Terps will need a similar freshman campaign out of one of these two freshman to the one Danny had two years ago. It could happen but it is not likely.

We'll find out what kind of team we have tomorrow.  As has been noted on this site, the Terps are undermanned.  They will be suiting up only 70 scholarship players. That's 15 below the D-I limit.

The Terps are undermanned and inexperienced.  It should still be enough against I-AA or whatever acronym they have now.  Either way, don't expect a blowout. 

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