Terps Nab Elusive Road Win Vs Tigers

2/7/2012 8:03:31 PM

It finally happened for the first time in eight games.  The Terps pulled one off on the road.  Although, before the buzzer, our Jeckyl and Hyde Terps were at it again.  Over the final eight minutes, the Terps gave away a 14 point lead.  Clemson had a shot to win it at the end.  Unbelievable. 

I can't figure this team out. Over the first 30 minutes of every game, the Terps look like one of the best teams in the ACC.  Over the final 10 minutes, they look like the absolute worst team in college basketball.  Everything goes out the window.  Free throw shooting, shot selection, turnovers, you name it.

My head hurts. I can't talk about it anymore. On to other things.

Aside from being a terrible announcer who couldn't tell the difference between a block and charge if his life depended on it, Jason Williams, did make a point about the Terps remaining schedule.  They have opportunities.  The games will be tough, but if the Terps can slay a dragon or two; they'll be making a case for the big Dance. 

Don't laugh.  A win at Duke this Saturday and it will be a legitimate topic of conversation.  To win, the Terps will have to play a complete 40 minutes.  Something that hasn't happened all season.  It has to happen sometime right?

I think the Terps will need to win either at Duke or at UNC to have a legitimate shot at the NCAAs.  They may need to sweep UVA too.  It's not a likely scenario but it could happen.

Before I go, I need to say a word about Stoglin.  He is simply masterful at times. I've always thought that Stoglin wouldn't be able to find a place at that next level, but he's converted me.  The guy can flat out score against anyone.  He's got an incredible array of shots.  Did anyone see that teardrop in the second half?  Where'd that come from?  He's too small for a shooting guard and he's no point guard by anyone's definition but he'll find his way in The League.  I just hope he doesn't leave early.

For a team that is barely sniffing the post season, we Terp fans sure do fret over players leaving early for the NBA don't we?  I think we should be prepared for a Jordan Williams-esque speculation come May; but I think Terrell will be back.  I said the same about Williams, but I'm hoping that Jordan serves as a cautionary tale.  Did anyone notice that Jordan was quietly assigned to the Springfield Armor of the D-League last month?  Hopefully Mr. Stoglin did.

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