Terps Lose the Battle of Murfreesboro

9/6/2008 10:42:41 PM Judging from the box score, the game was not all that dissimilar from a Civil War era slaughter.

The Terps came into the game against MTSU thinking it was a trap game. A trap game it was. Chris Turner played like absolute ass and the play calling was atrocious. Here's a news flash for Friedgen and Franklin: if you only bring in Josh Portis for running plays, options, and QB sneaks; then the defense will put 11 guys in the box to stop it. This is not rocket science. Change things up a little!

The Fridge has gone from offensive genius to moron in a matter of 5 years. It can't all be personnel issues. Where's the creativity? It can be argued that Maryland has the best receiver and the best running back in the ACC (Da'Rel Scott had another strong game); yet we stink. 11 touches for Scott? 2 for Heyward-Bey? That is just plain ineptitude.

Defensively, the Terps have exactly zero sacks - on the season. Can we blitz some of the these 1-AA QBs? For the love of God, gets some pressure on these guys!

Even more frustrating is that the ACC is terrible this year, and given the talent; Maryland should have had a shot at a BCS berth. Instead, we are losing to Middle Tennessee State. I'm trying to recall the last time Maryland lost to a 1-AA school (or whatever it is those schools are called these days). I'm too tired to look it up, but I think that even the likes of Mark Duffner and Joe Krivak were able to steer clear of a loss like that.

The optimist in me is saying look at all of these also-ran programs that are beating big schools. East Carolina looks ready to challenge for the national championship. Utah goes into the Big House and beats Michigan. So Maryland went on the road and lost to a scrappy team? The pessimist's response? Well, you can polish a turd all day and at the end of the day, you still have a turd.

So just how bad is the ACC? How about NC State's rousing 34-24 win against William and Mary? Or maybe you were impressed when UVA stuck it to Richmond 16-0. ACC teams should be beating these teams by 30+ points. Instead, they are either scraping by or losing outright. It's never been a football conference, but the ACC is embarassing itself.

I've gone from being bullish on the season to thinking that the Terps might win three games all year. California beat Wash St. (a Pac-10 team) 66-3 today. They are going to crush Maryland. I was in Byrd Stadium in the fall of 1993 when Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions came in and whupped the Terps 70-7. Next week could be that bad.

On the upside, Midnight Madness is five weeks away. Then, there will be a whole bunch of other things to complain about. Orioles, Ravens, and Terps. What did I do to deserve this?

EDIT: I have since been corrected. The Sun Belt Conference is D-I.
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