Terps Hit The Road - FSU Thread

1/17/2012 12:24:10 PM Come on!

We only had 2 days to enjoy the latest win?  I wish we could have enjoyed it a bit longer, but the schedule is the schedule.

Tonight is a big one.  Clearly not a must-win, but a win would definitely open some eyes.  It could go one of two ways.  Either FSU is flying high off of their whooping of UNC and thinking they are soooo good, that we can come in and bring them back down to earth.... OR.... They built some confidence and will continue to shoot the crap out of the ball and we'll be toast. 

I'm concerned over the lack of improvement offensively, but defensively we are much improved.  No doubt this game will be telling.  A game like NC State that is close keeps my confidence in this team up.  A blowout loss would be damaging. 

All I can guarantee is that we won't blow them out!

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