Terps Fall Short In Brooklyn...Again

11/8/2013 8:29:39 PM Some quick hits:

-There are no moral victories. 

-There were some things to be encouraged about but we all need to remember that Maryland STUNK for 32 minutes of the game.

-Faust is a Pee I Gee PIG.  18 shots! He made 5 of them.  Faust is sure he is a crunch time guy.  He's not.  His shot selection is horrendous.

-Dez is not a point guard.  Roddy will be very good eventually, but he is not ready to run the offense.

-Smotrycz is a player.  He shoots, he can put it on the floor and he can pass.  Lots to like.

-Charles Mitchell is the key to the season.  He is a monster in the paint.  I love him.  The offense could be running through him by the end of the season.

-Shaquille Cleare is lost.  He's got no offensive game was a step slow on defense.  I'm at a loss to describe what's going on with him.  He reminds of Braxton Dupree Part Deux.

-Jake Layman looked good.  He needs to get the ball more.

-The Terps took WAY too many threes.  They need to take more jump shots closer in.  Mitchell can open things up if he can score in the paint.

-Turgeon stayed with zone for WAY too long. It was atrocious.  The team could not run it and it help UConn run up 48 points in the first half.  It was shameful. 

-The Terps started slow AGAIN.  The Terps came up short in Brooklyn AGAIN.  Someone on this team needs to learn how to win.

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