Terps Escape Duke 21-16; Suckiness Confirmed

10/2/2010 8:13:08 PM

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"We're not the number of fingers I'm holding up!"      Image by Getty Images via @daylife

So, who had the under tonight?  Thought so.  Jeez, am I glad I don't bet on sports anymore.  How the Terps offense only mustered 14 points against that defense (7 points came on a Punt Return) is a mystery.  Elon College scored more points against Duke than the Terps did.

The Terps 4-1 record belies tonight's performance.  An ongoing theme of the 2010 season has been the shockingly bad coaching.  That disturbing trend continued.  The Terps have two great tailbacks, yet we are pass happy.  It's as if James Franklin would rather lose than win running a ball control offense.

The defense "held" Duke to 79 offensive plays.  That's the best performance of the season.  That's a shot across the bow.  A smart coach will realize that the offense needs to sustain long drives so that the defense can rest.  Yet Franklin insists on an erratic pattern of shuttling in and out our top backs (Meggett and Scott).  Commit to the run.  Commit to a lead back.  Coaching 101.

Only the Maryland Football program can make a win feel like a demoralizing loss.  The Terps should have destroyed Duke.  Instead, we escaped while getting out gained by 100 yards.  What's going to happen next week at Clemson?  They will bury us with the run.

With Wake, UVA, and BC still on the schedule, we might just get to seven wins.  Regardless, I will maintain that this program is going nowhere as long as the current brain trust remains in place.
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