West Virginia Recap and Meet Charles Mitchell

Yesterday's loss was brutal.  It was brutal because the Terps valiantly fought back from 24 points down only to have our best player throw an AWFUL pick to end the game.

Sure, there are plenty of positives to take away from the game (defense played well in the second half, Terps ran the ball well and moved down the field with ease of the last 35 minutes); but it is hard to walk away happy after giving the game away like that.

Danny O'Brien had the worst game of his career.  Of this, there is little doubt.  All of his three picks were poorly thrown balls into double coverage.  It would have been one thing if a WVU DB made a great play; but that's not what happened.  Danny simply made awful decisions and inopportune moments.

Now, the Terps will have to lick their wounds while not having a let down against what promises to be a game Temple team (they almost upset Penn State this past weekend).  Assuming they survive; the ACC season promises to offer some supreme challenges in the early going.

The Terps will travel to Georgia Tech who racked up 600 yards rushing this weekend.  After that road test, the Terps host Clemson who trounced Auburn yesterday. 

After those games, we'll know if Danny O'Brien learned from this debacle.  My guess is that he will.   After all, Danny was without his top two wideouts for the game.  Whether or not McCree and Tyler ever return to the lineup; it is safe to assume that DOB will develop a better rapport with is new wideout tandem. 

As Terp fans, we don't expect to compete for a national title and that is again the case this year.  However,  all of the teams realistic goals are still intact (ACC Title, BCS berth, 10 wins, etc.).  Randy Edsall will do it what it takes to keep the team motivated and focused on the achievable objectives.


In recruiting news, word is that Christian Sanders visit went very well; but there is no indication that a commitment is imminent. 

Tomorrow, Coach Turgeon is headed to West Virginia to check out 2012 PF Charles Mitchell.  According to Yahoo, Mitchell is the 12th ranked PF in the class and the 76th best recruit in the class.

Turgeon thinks he'd be a nice compliment to Shaq Cleare so if Mitchell wants to be a Terp; there is a good chance that Turgeon will give him a roster spot. 

If Mitchell and Sanders commit, that will be 5 total for the class of 2012 (Allen, Cleare, and Layman being the others).  Now, the Terps could bring in a sixth recruit, but don't bet on it unless his name is Amile Jefferson.  My sense is that Turgeon would rather space out the scholarships if he can't get a blue chipper. 


Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Pitt and Syracuse joining the ACC.  This is great news for the basketball fans in the ACC.  The ACC has made a statement by bringing on these two schools.   The commitment to being a basketball first conference is evident. 

Now, it's obvious that the ACC will be adding two more schools to get to 16.  UConn seems to be the most obvious choice.  If UConn bolts, the Big East is toast.  The most attractive remnant would be Notre Dame.  I can't imagine the ACC letting ND remain independent for football; but you never know.

Outside of ND, Rutgers, South Florida, and West Virginia seem to be the most likely candidate.  West
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