ACCT - Wake vs Maryland

Welcome to irrelevance.

This game is on no one's radar.  The winner will simply be fodder for the Ryan Kelly - Duke juggernaut.  I assume it will be us.  The Terps can beat a poor Wake squad any day. 

I will not be looking forward to the Duke game.  They will crush us. It will be painful.

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ACC Tournament Thread Day One; Wake Forest Beckons

 The Terps limp into the ACC Tournament after a brutal OT loss at home to Virginia.  The loss encapsulated the entire ACC season.  Close but no cigar.  This Terps team can compete with just about anyone (sans UNC and Duke); but they seem incapable of closing out good teams.  It's incredibly frustrating, but this about w [...] Read More »

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Jeckyll and Hyde Terps Hold Off Wake Forest

I'm convinced that these kids are going to give us all heart attacks before the season is through. At least we can't say that we haven't been warned.  Ever since the Terps have gotten to full strength, a familiar pattern has been established.  Often (not always), the Terps run out to a big lead in the first half (see Cornell and Wake), on [...] Read More »

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Wake Forest Beckons

The ACC schedule is wonderful in that it offers near immediate opportunities to bounce back from defeats.  Yet, for those teams with issues that have not been fixed; losses can stack up in a hurry. The Terps hung in but never really gave me the sense that they could be NC State on Sunday.  Wake should not present that same problem but [...] Read More »

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Greivis' Math = We All Fail.

I apologize for publishing the obscenity below:9-27 FG (33%), 4-12 3PT, 8-11 FTs, 7 assists, 6 turnovers, 4 rebsThat's Vasquez' line from tonight's game.  It's an abomination.  27 shots?  12 threes point attempts? These numbers don't even illustrate how bad it was down the stretch.  J Will is open at the low block with a guard on him.  Greivis igno [...] Read More »

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Rubber Meets the Road for Terps in Winston Salem

The following is an email exhange I had with my college buddy and fellow Souper, Dan Goodman.  I think it sums up both the importance of tonight's game and the state of mind of the fan base:Me:Tonight's game is HUGE.  Have they turned the corner and learned to play the right way?  If they can win these winnable road games (Wake and BC), we are look [...] Read More »

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The Dyke (or Dike) Is Full Of Holes

That's the best analogy I can muster at this late hour for the football Terps.  When we fix the turnovers and penalties; the defense fails to show.Due to the horrendous start time; I missed the entire game.  Needless to say, I'm thankful in retrospect.  Wake rolled up 500 yards of total offense for the first time 4 years. Sure, Chris Turner threw 3 [...] Read More »

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Terps vs. Wake Preview

Before we talk about tomorrow's game; I have a few housekeeping items.The previous post - Please ignore it. I was required to post that in order to get listed by Technorati.  Technorati is the largest blog search engine in the world.  I've never bothered to list Turtle Soup on it because I just wanted to organically grow the site.  While that is st [...] Read More »

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Terps Rise To The Occasion Upend Wake

What a performance!  Tonight we saw the two "G's", Gary and Greivis at their absolute apex.  Greivis was sublime.  The team hummed with him in the game.  Total up his assists and his points (some of his assists led to threes) and he accounted for about 45 of the Terps 75 points.  Take away our FTs, and Greivis was involved in just about every baske [...] Read More »

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Wake Forest Game Thread

Before I get into my brief pre-game analysis; I need to tell you a quick story.\~ At around noon today, I was scheduled to be a guest on Terrapin Sports Network's Pregame Radio Show (that's 105.7 in Baltimore and 106.7 in DC).\~ I was going to talk about Turtle Soup and the general state of the Terp Blogosphere.\par\parWell, I just got a call from [...] Read More »

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