Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

Tomorrow, Morgantown, West Virginia will be site where the future of the 2010 season will be determined for the Terrapins.  It is the ultimate swing game.  A win, and the Terps are heading towards 5-0 (home vs. FIU and Duke are wins).  A loss, and it is back to the slog. In some ways, this season has already defied expectations.  [...] Read More »

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A Victory For The Ages. Terps Win In 2OT

What a game.  Vasquez turned in the best second half I can remember.  He was 11 for 23 in the second half.  He wilted down the stretch (finishing 4-14); but who can blame him?  The man played 48 minutes.Vasquez made some mistakes (that 3pt with 6 seconds left in the first OT being the biggest); but he also found an open Hayes for what should have b [...] Read More »

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Virginia Tech Game Thread

After the Terps began the 09-10 season with some disappointing losses in Maui; we all re-calibrated our expectations downward. The Terps were a top 25 in November, but as that quickly faded, selection for the NCAA Tournament became the goal. Because of the lackluster non-conference performance; just about anyone with any authority agreed that 10 AC [...] Read More »

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Just Win Baby... Please!

Here we are.\par\parJust hours from the biggest game of the season for us fans.\~ But we all need to remember it's the biggest game of some of the players' lives.\~ In the final day of the regular season, the Terps have it all in front of them.\~ Win a game against a rival on their home floor and they nearly clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament.\~\ [...] Read More »

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Virginia Tech Thread

Well fans, here we go.Today, the Terps begin in earnest their quest to earn that elusive NCAA bid.  This season has delivered mixed results but the Terps have a chance to right the ship today and set themselves up for a run that could turn the season around.We are seeing signs that the team has rallied around Gary Williams and that is probably just [...] Read More »

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Terps vs. Hokies Game Thread

It's been a nice week of basketball talk here on the Soup, and I must say I've got some cautious optimism for the upcoming season.  Like most years, I expect the team to get better as the season goes on when roles are determined and we find out whether Vazquez has decided to be generous to our opponents once again.But with our first exhibition game [...] Read More »

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Up Five with 1:20 To Go!

Can a season be defined in one minute and twenty seconds? I think the Terps answered that question on Saturday. Somehow, the Terps grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory by allowing Va Tech to claw back at the end of the game.A win and the Terps are surging. Five straight wins, (including two on the road) and likely a sixth coming against Wake. [...] Read More »

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