Introducing Turtle Soup's student contributor and other news

As most of you know, both Gregg and I live outside of the state of Maryland.  It's also true that neither Gregg nor I have been out of college for over 10 years. Because of these two factors; Gregg and I couldn't be more pleased to introduce our first student contributor, Ethan Rothstein.  You can call him "the Intern" if you like; but that implies that Gregg and I are professional journalists, which we aren't.  Either way, please welcome him to the Turtle Soup team.

I'll let Ethan describe himself to you in his own words; but one thing that I want to highlight is that Ethan currently writes for Turtle Sports Report aka Maryland's site.  This position gives Ethan the unique opportunity to interview players, coaches, and recruits. While most of those stories will appear on Turtle Sports Report, Ethan will be able to use his access to produce interesting and informative pieces.

In order to get to know Ethan a little a better; he has provided me with a brief bio:
I'm Ethan Rothstein. I'm a junior journalism major at Maryland, and have been a lifelong sports fanatic. I played soccer, baseball and basketball in my early years, and continued playing basketball into high school. I'm currently a reporter for, which means I get to sit in the press box at the basketball and football games and talk to the players and coaches, which is cool. I'm also on the Maryland Ultimate Frisbee team. I'm a native New Yorker and a passionate Jets and Yankees fan. I am absolutely obsessed with the NBA and my favorite team is the Rockets - you can ask me why later. I've taken classes with eight of the players on the Maryland basketball team (including Greivis, Hayes and Milbourne) and played pickup basketball at the gym with James Gist, which was awesome. I'm really excited to come on board at Turtle Soup and share my thoughts on the teams from a student/beat reporter perspective.

Please join me in welcoming Ethan to the team.

Other Site News

I've added a "Football Forum" page (see the pages above the masthead) where all readers can go to comment and discuss the Football team in the offseason.  I recommend subsrcibing to the comments feed (you can do that by clicking on the comment cloud on the top right of the football forum page).  That way, you will know when folks are adding to the football discussion.

The site's twitter handle is ChicagoTerp and I encourage you to become followers.  All Turtle Soup posts automatically get published to Twitter, so it is a great way to keep up to do date with the site.

Our Terps are on break for Finals and Turtle Soup will be ready when Gary and the boys get back on the court.
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ACC Twitter Stats

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Site Issues

Hey folks.  A couple housekeeping notes....Load timesSome of you may have noticed load time delays with the site over the last couple of months.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, but I feel a little bit like Braxton Dupree trying to learn the flex offense:  lost.  My webmaster (who's not really a webmaster, just a buddy) can't determine if [...] Read More »

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Gary Williams is on Twitter and Other Sign of the Apocalypse

The rumors are true.  Gary Williams has a Twitter account.  Terp96 comment in the last post has inspired me.  What gems would we have been privy to had Gary had a Twitter account over the last 5 years?  In 140 characters or less, here's a few I would have liked to see:1.  Who's ruined my legacy more?  Travis Garrison or Chris McCray?2.  Why should [...] Read More »

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