Pe'Shon Howard To Transfer

I can't say that this news comes as a shock but Pe'Shon Howard has played his last game in a Maryland uniform. 

On one hand, I'm sad because Howard is a great kid who caught a few bad breaks with injuries.  On the other hand, I think that his departure is a signal that Turgeon intends to upgrade the PG position NEXT SEASON.

Yes, freshman Roddy Peters is coming in but I think Turgeon has something else up his sleeve.  Next season is a crucial one for the program and I don't believe that the Terps will go to battle with a freshman PG and two shooting guards (Allen and Faust) to run the offense.

I'm not going to speculate but JuCo seems like the most obvious place to look for a ready-to-go point guar.  Either that or a hardship transfer case.  Regardless, I think will see a big move in the next couple of months.

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Pankey Is Gone Too

Ashton Pankey just tweeted that he is also leaving the University.  Pankey is the third player to transfer in the last month.  While Stoglin (I'm still smarting) and Parker left because they prefer ganja to basketball; Pankey's decision seems to be related more to family issues.  Future playing time may have also been a considera [...] Read More »

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Take 'Er Easy There, Matt Pilgrim

As has been widely reported, Matt Pilgrim is visiting Maryland today.  He was/is a junior at Kentucky via Hampton University.  John Calipari just revoked his scholarhip.  Stay classy, Lexington.I don't love the idea of getting Kentucky castoffs, but this kid played well against us when we played Hampton.  He has the body to go up against the towers [...] Read More »

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Steve Goins To Leave Terps

It took intestinal fortitude, but I was able to avoid the inevitable pun that you will no doubt be seeing in the papers today.  It will look something  this: "Steve Goins, Going Gone".  I hate when journalists use puns.  I think it is lazy writing.  Steve's last name will prove to be too irresistable to pass up for most of the hackneyed beat writer [...] Read More »

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