FIU Preview and Game Thread

2-2 or 3-1?  That is the question.
Smith with the Terrapins in 2009.
Mr. Smith Goes to Byrd Stadium       Image via Wikipedia
The answer will determine if the rest of the Terps football season is even worth following.  Am I being dramatic?  Yes.  Is a 2-2 record that includes a home loss to Florida International University an unadulterated disaster?  Yes.  Can it happen?  Maybe. The Terps need to come to Byrd ready to play tomorrow.  FIU is a good team that had Texas A&M against the ropes last weekend. Nevertheless, this game will be won or lost on the Maryland sideline.  If the Terps execute and avoid stupid mistakes, they should win easily.  If they begin the game with the same level preparedness as last week; we lose. I'd like to see lots of Da'Rel Scott and Torrey Smith.  Those are the best skill players and we need to get them the ball early and often.  Reps now will help after the ACC season starts. On a side note, there are some big basketball recruits making their official visit this weekend (Messrs Faust and O'Bryant).  Committals from one or both would be cause for celebration as each is ranked in the top 25 nationally.  Git er done, Gary. The football game is on ESPN3. Enjoy folks.
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Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

Tomorrow, Morgantown, West Virginia will be site where the future of the 2010 season will be determined for the Terrapins.  It is the ultimate swing game.  A win, and the Terps are heading towards 5-0 (home vs. FIU and Duke are wins).  A loss, and it is back to the slog. In some ways, this season has already defied expectations.  [...] Read More »

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2010 Terps Football Preview

We're Number #1!!        Image by Getty Images via @daylif In two days time, the Maryland Terrapins will have the opportunity to erase the disaster that was the 2009 season.  At 2-10, the Terps reached a new low.  The head coach, Ralph Friedgen, had his legacy questioned.  The coach-in-waiting, James Franklin, looked less like an offensive genius [...] Read More »

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Michigan State Thread - NCAA Round 2

Form here on out, every game the Terps play is the biggest game the team has played since the National Championship game in 2002.  Simply put, Maryland has an incredible opportunity to make a deep run this year.Yesterday's events have only increased the urgency. Now that Kansas - the odds on favorite - has been eliminated; the Spartans and the Terp [...] Read More »

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2009-10 Maryland Terrapins Basketball Preview, Part I

Image via Wikipedia I started this blog the year I graduated from Maryland's Smith School of Business in 2004.  I believe my "season preview" post for that 04-05 season predicted an Elite 8 appearance as the Terps were poised to build off their improbable run in the 2004 ACC Tournament.  John Gilchrist looked like he was headed for the NBA Lotter [...] Read More »

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2009 Football Terps Are Dead To Me

I was about to write a post mortem on yet another disastrous performance by the gridiron Terps when it dawned on me.  This team is not worthy of the energy that is expended as I type words about them.Blame it on the coach, the scheme, "the confused one", or the players.  I don't care.  The season is over as far as I am concerned.  It's a damn shame [...] Read More »

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