Stefon Diggs Announcement Thread

 Stefon Diggs, the 5th highest ranked football recruit in the nation is making his college choice public today at Looney's in College Park at 6pm this evening.

All signs point to either Florida or Maryland as the choice.  Can you imagine, if he came to College Park and went with Florida.  That would be some kick in the balls, huh?  In fact, I'd equate it with Lebron James' infamous "Decision" where he went on national TV to tell Cleveland fans that he was "taking his talents to South Beach".

Certainly, Diggs has to see the implications of disappointing his home state in this way.  As Terp fans, we are conditioned to lose out on in-state recruits to power football programs; but how may of those big-time in-state kids take the trouble to go down to College Park to tell people that they are going to Alabama or Penn State? I guess what I'm saying is that we should expect him to announce Maryland.  Otherwise, we are looking at another gut-punch.

It'd be nice to get some good news heading in to the Duke game tomorrow.


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