NIT Semifinals - Terps v Iowa

Perhaps this is a bad question to ask on the eve of the NIT Semifinals; but I'm wondering what Terp fans prefer the most?  A first round loss in the NCAA Tournament or the NIT Championship? 

For me, it's all about getting to the Dance; but the merits of a deep run in the NIT are clear:  freshman and sophomores get a taste of the postseason against decent competition.  It should help the team next year as they attempt to break through the malaise of mediocrity that has descended upon College Park.

This has been a bit of weird run in the NIT.  Some freshman have played well (Allen, Layman).  While others have seemingly disappeared (Chuck and Shaq).  Dez Wells has stepped up to be the leader we knew he could be, while Alex Len has been dominant.  Len's play is now a red herring.  He's going pro in the offseason so any production he gives us now, will need to be replaced.

The Terps still need a reliable point guard and one has to hope that Turgeon can pull a rabbit out of the hat like he did last summer with Wells.  I don't trust a pu pu platter of Howard, Allen, and freshman Roddy Peters.

Iowa is emerging.  They've had a great run through NIT and will be ready to play.  The Terps need to guard the perimeter and pound it inside (what else is new?).

I expect a close game.

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