NCAA Selection Show Thread

While as Terp fans, we won't be sweating out whether or not Maryland will be in the Tournament; there is still much to worry over. As Georgia Tech pointed out on Friday night; there are certain matchups that put the Terps at a disadvantage.  Namely, big athletic front court players who can dominate the boards and stop penetration.  The Terps need to avoid those types of teams in the first and (hopefully) second round of the Tournament.

We probably won't come up against those teams in the Round 1; but there are still good matchups and bad matchups.  Bad matchups include, Notre Dame, Louisville, Siena, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Washington, and Illinois.

I'd be relatively happy with St. Mary's, Cornell, Old Dominion, UTEP, and Utah State.

Looking ahead, there are potential second round matchups, that scare me too.  Any team in the Big East would be an unfortunate matchup.  Teams like Georgetown, Villanova, and Pitt make me squirm.  I don't want to play Michigan State in Round 2 either.  Too much experience. Baylor is too athletic as well.

I'd consider us fortunate if we wound up playing Purdue, Wisconsin (revenge!), Vandy, and New Mexico,

I can't decide how I feel about Tennessee and Temple.  Tennessee just strikes me as a team that would lay a big turd in the Tournament.  But, their athleticism could carry them.  Temple scares me because of the zone  they play, but I think our seniors could figure it out and we can drive on them.

Needless to say, there is a lot riding on the draw.  By the way, I could be completely wrong about this analysis.  I really haven't thought it about that hard.
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