Big Terps Weekend and DBR report

Tonight is the start of huge weekend for Terps fans. Aside from a "are we able to beat mid-major teams by 20 points consistently" game against Vermont tonight; the Football Terps square off against Florida State for a must-win game.Vermont is likely a Tournament team come March. However, if tonight's game winds up ending like last year's Northeas [...] Read More »

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DBR update 11/7/2008

The Terps definitely laid an egg last night. Cosh has to go. He's going against a QB with a bum ankle and he doesn't blitz? What is wrong with him? Force the QB to beat for chissake!The Terps still control their own destiny. If they can take care of business at home, they should go to a nice bowl. As for the basketball team, w'll get our firs [...] Read More »

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Jin Soo Kim Declared Eligible by NCAA Clearinghouse!

The headline says it all folks: Here's the press release: KIM RULED ELIGIBLE BY NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE Freshman earns clearance from NCAA COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The NCAA Clearinghouse has ruled Jin Soo Kim eligible for the 2008-09 men’s basketball season, head coach Gary Williams announced Monday. The 6-foot-8 freshman forward from South Kent [...] Read More »

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DBR Update - 10/31/08

Happy Halloween folks.Not much going on this week with the football team on bye and basketball season yet to get underway.  I've been trying to write a basketball preview for weeks and I just can't seem to a get a sense of this team.  I'm sure I'm not the only one. It will be a wild ride in College Park this year.  More to come on this later.  For [...] Read More »

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A Note from DBR - 10/24/08

Before we get into DBR's latest from the recruiting trail; the Terps need to care of business on Saturday. No excuses. If we aren't 6-2 24 hours from now, I am giving up on the season (not really, but I am damn tired of the inconsistency).As for the updae, I can't tell you how excited I am for the Leek Leek era. I don't care about the kid's skil [...] Read More »

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Jordan Williams Commits to Maryland

As has been widely reported; Jordan Williams verbally committed to Gary Williams today. It was also reported that Gary Williams had no idea what Jordan was committing to; as it had been that long since Gary had actually recruited anyone. OK, I made that up. I couldn't resist.Seriously, this is a huge win for Maryland and in particular Coach Will [...] Read More »

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A Recruiting Note From DBR

We are starting a new feature here at Turtle Soup. Approximately, once per week (or whenver he has something juicy), our very own Diamondback Russ (aka DBR) will be sending me his recruiting update. For those unfamiliar, DBR has routinely made comments under various Turtle Soup posts over the years. Those comments are chock full of information t [...] Read More »

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Terps Sign JuCo Transfer Bobby Maze for 2008-09

Sorry to everyone for the lack of posting. I guess the OU game just took a lot out of me. I'm not sure what to make of this news, but it appears that Maryland has given away all of its scholarships for next year. Not sure where this came from but my buddy Goody sent it to me. Meet Bobby Maze.....Both and [...] Read More »

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Gilchrist Loses One Year of Eligibility

The Washington Post is reporting that Augustus Gilchrist (I love the name Augustus by the way) has lost a year of eligibility because he reneged on his commitment to Va Tech and chose Maryland instead. The biggest negative is that he won't be eligible to play until January 2009 and will miss the first half of next season. It is more bad news, but [...] Read More »

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A Beasley Few Recruits

Some of you may have noticed a freshman by the name of Michael Beasley playing for the Kansas State Wildcats. For those of you who have not, Mr. Beasley turned heads over the last two weeks by averaging more than 30 points and 20 rebounds during Kansas State's first five games. At 6'10, Beasley can score inside and he has a deft touch from the ou [...] Read More »

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