Pe'Shon Howard To Transfer

I can't say that this news comes as a shock but Pe'Shon Howard has played his last game in a Maryland uniform. 

On one hand, I'm sad because Howard is a great kid who caught a few bad breaks with injuries.  On the other hand, I think that his departure is a signal that Turgeon intends to upgrade the PG position NEXT SEASON.

Yes, freshman Roddy Peters is coming in but I think Turgeon has something else up his sleeve.  Next season is a crucial one for the program and I don't believe that the Terps will go to battle with a freshman PG and two shooting guards (Allen and Faust) to run the offense.

I'm not going to speculate but JuCo seems like the most obvious place to look for a ready-to-go point guar.  Either that or a hardship transfer case.  Regardless, I think will see a big move in the next couple of months.

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The Return Of Pe

Lots to talk about in College Park right now.  Tomorrow, we expect to see the long awaited return of Maryland's only true point guard, Pe'Shon Howard.  Howard's foot injury has healed quicker than anyone could have hoped, and as a result, Terp fans get to see what this team looks like with a real point guard. The optimistic side of me [...] Read More »

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Terps vs. Mt. St. Marys

Damn Central Time Zone.  These games creep up on me.  I almost missed tip-off.  I had to look up who the Terps were playing so suffice it to say that the excitement for the season has been ratcheted down as we head in to cupcake time. The Mount (had to look up their name) will not pose much of a threat.  However, our Terp [...] Read More »

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Pe'Shon Is Gone (for 12 weeks)

I go away to an all day training for work and this is what happens??? Obviously, losing Howard for 12 weeks from an already depleted roster is brutal.  If Alex Len misses significant time; then we will be battling the schedule with 7 scholarship players.  Ouch. Terp fans need some good news.  Alex Len elgibility?  Torian G [...] Read More »

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Meet Pe'shon Howard - A Turtle Soup Exclusive

Regular Souper, Kevin Litz, had a chance to sit down with 2010 Terps recruit Pe'shon Howard this week.  Both Kevin (and Pe'shon) were kind enough to let Turtle Soup publish their conversation. Pe’shon Howard Interview 2010 PG – Oak Hill Academy 1. What made you choose Maryland and can you describe how the recruiting process went for you? [...] Read More »

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Terps Add Pe'Shon Howard

Pe'Shon is listed as a three-star combo guard.  He's 6'2" and can shoot the three ball (something desperately needed in College Park).  My question is did the Terps give away Terrence Ross' scholarship or are we hoping that Ross is still coming? If any readers are in the know regarding how the coaching staff views their chances wi [...] Read More »

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