Houston Game Thread - NCAA First Round

The Terps must wait for 31 of the 32 first round games to start before they can tipoff.  Let's hope that it is worth the wait.

I'm not going to waste time profiling the Houston Cougars.  I haven't seen them play.  That's not to say that they aren't capable of beating Maryland.  They are.  Anyone can beat anybody.  Yesterday's games proved that.

So is Maryland due for a nail biter?  I don't think so.  The Terps are well coached and experienced.  Gary has only two first round games in his career at Maryland (he's 12-2).  One of those losses involved Steve Nash and the other two of our seniors were held out of the starting lineup for team violations.  Suffice it to say that Gary knows how to prepare for the NCAA Tournament.

Secondly, we start three seniors.  Most of these upsets involved teams that lacked senior leadership. Greivis, Eric, and Landon have waited their whole lives for this opportunity.  Teams lose because they turn the ball over too much or they fail to work the defensive glass.  Well, the Terps won't lose the turnover battle and Houston lacks the size to kill us on the boards.

Finally, the Terps will win because our guards were born to run.  Running the break is Grievis' favorite thing in the world.  If Houston plans to get out and run, they play right into our hands.  I'm not guaranteeing victory, but I feel good and so should you.
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