Maryland vs. MTSU Thread

Maryland squares off today against what is arguably the 4th best college football team in the state of Tennessee.  The game will be close.  The Terps have not demonstrated that they are a class of above the likes of MTSU.

By my count, we have one player on the squad who has shown true quality on the field- Da'Rel Scott.  Freiden and Franklin would be wise to feature him prominently this afternoon.

There is no outcome today that will make feel good about this football team.  We SHOULD be blowing teams like this out.  We won't.  If we eke out a win, I'll feel demoralized as I know that we will be outclassed once the ACC season starts.  A loss and you can just forget about it.  We are talking EPIC FAIL here if MTSU leaves Byrd with a W.

It will be interesting to see if the Terps are able to get pressure on the MTSU quarterback.  Last year, the read and react defense was exposed in Murfreesboro. Will our aggressive blitzing defense fare better?

Game time is nearly upon us.  The best we can hope for is the team has put the shaky start to the season behind them and they are ready to play with the requisite emotion this afternoon. If that comes to pass, what a welcome change that will be.
Author: Jeremy | 9/19/2009 8:45:16 AM | Tags: mtsu, football, game threads |