#10 Maryland vs #2 Memphis: Live Gameday Thread

After watching last night's upsets; it is amazing to contemplate the dramatic change in fortunes for Maryland and its fans.  We are one of only three standard bearers for the ACC who remain in the field.  Maryland, Duke, and Carolina.

Historically that looks right; but who could have imagined that this season would have turned out this way? I think we can finally put to rest the Gary Williams bashing.  Would you rather have Leonard Hamilton or Dino Gaudio as coach? Gary Williams would never have lost to either Cleveland State or Wisconsin.

Today, we have a chance to relive one of the greatest moments in Maryland Basketball.  In 1994, Exree Hipp helped lead a young Terrapin squad to victory over #2 seed UMass.  The coach of UMass at the time was, of course, John Calipari.  Today John Calipari will lead another talented #2 seed against our Terps: the Memphis Tigers.

Will history repeat itself?  Will we see Dave Neal pound his chest after a basket and scream "It's my game!"?  I for one, can't wait to find out.

To mark the occassion; we are trying a new feature at Turtle Soup: a live chat.  The window below will go live at approximately 3:00pm and us Soupers will be able to chat with each other during the game.

You can still make comments in the usual format as well below the cat box.

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