Take 'Er Easy There, Matt Pilgrim

As has been widely reported, Matt Pilgrim is visiting Maryland today.  He was/is a junior at Kentucky via Hampton University.  John Calipari just revoked his scholarhip.  Stay classy, Lexington.

I don't love the idea of getting Kentucky castoffs, but this kid played well against us when we played Hampton.  He has the body to go up against the towers of the ACC and he would likely start immediately.  He has been compared to Al Harrington and has shown up on NBA draft boards.

Before we start high-fiving each other, take a look at his career statistics.  While he did average 11 ppg as a freshman at Hampton; his scoring dipped during his sophomore campaign to 7.7 ppg.  He is a career 30% 3PT shooter which is par for the course with the current MD roster.  Pilgrim's FT% is dreadful: 45.5% (that's 71 makes in 156 career attempts).

from what I've read Matt Pilgrim reminds me of Jamar Smith.  He'll get the job done, but we aren't winning any championships with him in the starting line up.  (Yes, I know we won the ACC title with Jamar Smith as our center).

It's no guarantee that Pilgrim will come to UMD.  He is a Cincinnati native and the Bearcats and University of Memphis are vying for his services as well.
Author: Jeremy | 7/1/2009 8:41:43 AM | Tags: transfers, matt pilgrim |