Maryland - Notre Dame Thread

For Maryland fans, today's game should have been the most anticipated of the season.  A chance to knock off the most storied program in college football history.  Instead, Maryland has limped into this game in such a sorry state, that it's hard to imagine anything but a blowout.

Maybe the Terps will surprise us, but it seems pretty obvious to all but Randy Edsall that the team has basically quit on him.
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Duke v Maryland Preview and Game Thread

Duke Football. Catch the excitement.                  Image by dwehrs via FlickrDuke supposedly has an offense.  41 points in the opener vs.Elon and 48 points at Wake.  Sounds impressive until one looks at the last two games.  13 points scored at Alabama and 21 points scored in a loss to Army.  Granted, Alabama is the best team in the country; but [...] Read More »

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FIU Preview and Game Thread

2-2 or 3-1?  That is the question. Mr. Smith Goes to Byrd Stadium       Image via Wikipedia The answer will determine if the rest of the Terps football season is even worth following.  Am I being dramatic?  Yes.  Is a 2-2 record that includes a home loss to Florida International Universit [...] Read More »

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Michigan State Thread - NCAA Round 2

Form here on out, every game the Terps play is the biggest game the team has played since the National Championship game in 2002.  Simply put, Maryland has an incredible opportunity to make a deep run this year.Yesterday's events have only increased the urgency. Now that Kansas - the odds on favorite - has been eliminated; the Spartans and the Terp [...] Read More »

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From Cougars To Spartans

Houston, you had a problem.  His name was Jordan Williams.  21 points, 17 rebound and he is a freshman.  Perhaps the most exciting part is that players usually improve the most between their freshman and sophomore seasons. But, surely that is a topic for another time.  There are still game(s) to be played this season.On the whole, the Terps played [...] Read More »

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Houston Game Thread - NCAA First Round

The Terps must wait for 31 of the 32 first round games to start before they can tipoff.  Let's hope that it is worth the wait. I'm not going to waste time profiling the Houston Cougars.  I haven't seen them play.  That's not to say that they aren't capable of beating Maryland.  They are.  Anyone can beat anybody.  Y [...] Read More »

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Season Preview Part 2 - Player Profiles

Image by Getty Images via Daylife As you all know, college basketball kicked off this week and our Terps are set to tip off in less than 48 hours time.  I will be in Vegas for the occasion.  Actually, I won't be in Vegas specifically for MD vs. Charleston Southern.  Let's just call it a coincidence.  Of course, this means that regardless of how m [...] Read More »

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2009-10 Maryland Terrapins Basketball Preview, Part I

Image via Wikipedia I started this blog the year I graduated from Maryland's Smith School of Business in 2004.  I believe my "season preview" post for that 04-05 season predicted an Elite 8 appearance as the Terps were poised to build off their improbable run in the 2004 ACC Tournament.  John Gilchrist looked like he was headed for the NBA Lotter [...] Read More »

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2009 Football Terps Are Dead To Me

I was about to write a post mortem on yet another disastrous performance by the gridiron Terps when it dawned on me.  This team is not worthy of the energy that is expended as I type words about them.Blame it on the coach, the scheme, "the confused one", or the players.  I don't care.  The season is over as far as I am concerned.  It's a damn shame [...] Read More »

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Let the Madness Begin

Image by Sabine01 via Flickr I apologize for not posting earlier. Considering that the basketball season officially starts at midnight; I should have gotten to this sooner.  My excuse is that I quit my job today, so it has been a bit hectic.  Contrary to popular belief; I am not retiring to focus my energies on Turtle Soup.  I've accepted another [...] Read More »

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