The Return Of Pe

Lots to talk about in College Park right now.  Tomorrow, we expect to see the long awaited return of Maryland's only true point guard, Pe'Shon Howard.  Howard's foot injury has healed quicker than anyone could have hoped, and as a result, Terp fans get to see what this team looks like with a real point guard.

The optimistic side of me expects immediate dividends. The offense will benefit with a real floor general and distributor running the show.  Nick Faust can return to his natural role and that should lead to an improved offensive game from him.  Howard can also sink the three ball so the Terps will now have three guys who shoot behind the arc (four if you count Mosley).

I'm guessing that Faust goes to bench to make room for Howard.  Personally, I'd prefer to see Mosley take a seat, but Turgeon won't do that to the senior.  Besides, Faust could see his scoring opportunities improve playing against the opposing team's bench.

We'll know the effect of Pe'Shon if the Terps win by 15+ points.  That will be a clear indication that the Terps are a much better team with a real point guard.  We all know this intuitively; but it will be nice to see it on the court.

On the recruiting front, Torian Graham de-committed from NC State - AGAIN.  That is two de-commits for those counting.  Is there still mutual interest between Graham and the Terps?  From my perspective, I say why not?  The Terps need scorers and Graham is an athletic combo guard who can fill it up.  Maybe he's a head case but I think if he wants to come, the Terps should grab him.

The other big news of course, is the return of Mike Locksley to the coaching staff of the football team.  Obviously, this helps with recruiting since Edsall is about as charming as a flaming paper bag of dog poo.  As for the message it sends?  Yes, the Terps are hypocrites for hiring him.  Edsall's "no nonsense" rules for the players seem a bit ridiculous given Locksley's off the field transgressions; but the football team is in such dire straits that I will take any ray of hope at this point.
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