Carmelo, Gay, and Durant

Former Maryland high school standout, Kevin Durant had 37 points and 23 rebounds tonight for the University of TEXAS!

Gary Williams has done a tremendous job building a program without getting guys like that.  It truly is amazing.  However,  wouldn't it be nice if just once, a blue-chipper came to College Park?

I'm not so cynical that I believe that it is only about money.  I have to believe that if Gary really recruited these kids, hung out at their high school gyms, and made them feel that he cared about nothing else but getting them in a Maryland uniform; then one of these kids would have come here over the years.

College Park has enough to offer that you can't blame the campus.  I think it is beautiful (although PG County sucks). Last I checked, there were tons of hot co-eds there.  It's not that.  Seriously, where would you rather spend 4 years, the DC area or Storrs, CT?

I'm glad we got Hayes and Vasquez (he attended a local prep school), but how were not even in the running for Durant?
Author: Jeremy | 1/31/2007 11:03:08 PM | Tags: gary williams, kevin durant |