NC State Preview and Thread (with links)

The Wolfpack are riding high after soundly defeating the Duke Blue Devils on Wednesday.  Now they must take to the road and try to beat a Maryland team that seems to have found its confidence.

As Terp fans we rarely look at things from the other teams perspective.  If we were State fans, we'd be terrified of a "letdown" after their huge Duke victory. They have reason to be afraid.

The truth is that losing to Maryland won't be a letdown. NC State will need to replicate their performance against Duke to beat the Terps.  College Park will be one of the toughest places to play in the ACC this season. To wit, the Terps are shooting nearly 50% from the field and almost 40% from 3PT at the Comcast Center.  I've been saying it for a while now, but the Terps are a good shooting team.

Greivis finally has reliable shooters to whom he can distribute his passes.  I'm starting to believe that Greivis now believes in his teammates too. That realization could prove to be the single biggest development of the season and one that will define 2010 Terps and ultimately, Greivis legacy.  We need "BC Greivis" the rest of the way.  I don't ever want to see "Wake Greivis" again.

The press has been falling all over themselves to declare the ACC "wide open" after UNC and Duke both got blown out this week.  MD can't afford to take the pedal off the gas.  The schedule is favorable and the Terps have every reason to believe that they can finish the first half of the conference schedule 6-2.  Every game counts.

Since the game won't be starting for about 19 hours or so, here's a couple links that sent me to tide you over:

Go Terps.

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