Terps Squander Chance With Flat 2nd Half

Tonight the Terps played a great first half.  Dare I say it, they dominated for most of it. Everyone was contributing and the Terps looked good in the offensive set. 

It all fell apart in the second half.  I'm sure that Bruce Webber and the Illini made good adjustments, but Coach Turgeon has to be disappointed that the Terps regressed so badly over the final 20 minutes.

It was hard to watch.  Lots of one on one play by the guards and poor perimeter defense.  Those have been the hallmarks of the Terps other losses.

Still, the Terps look far improved from the team we saw in Puerto Rico.  The first half was the best they have looked all season.  If they can somehow corral that effort and extend it for a full 40 minutes; I think the Terps can beat Notre Dame.

Despite the poor second half performance, the Terps could have won this game if they had just hit their free throws.  I counted two front end misses on one and ones so 13-23 really becomes 13-25.  50% from the line won't win anywhere over the long haul.

In the end, the game left me confused.  The team I saw in the first half was dynamic.  Mychal Parker even showed me something.  He took the ball to the hole with confidence on one drive and really crashed the boards.  Pankey and Padget played their best games of the season too.

I'm not sure why it all fell apart. However, I do know where it did. Early in the second half, we rested some starters and the Illini made a run against the walk ons.  They grabbed a few offensive boards and then Faust and Stoglin started going one one three and that was it.

So what happens now?  I think Mark Turgeon is a great coach.  Did anyone else notice his beautiful set play after a time out that led to a wide open James Padgett dunk?  He will get to work to fix the problems.  Stoglin and Faust played team offense for 20 minutes; Turgeon will figure a way to stretch it 40.

The team is getting better but Alex Len and Pe'Shon Howard can't get on the court soon enough.

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