Halftime - Wow. What a stinker.

I have to say I'm shocked. Sure, the terp fan in me could see this coming, but I did not want to believe that the team would come out and play like a bunch of bums, thinking this was going to be a romp. They have looked listless in offense, very little creativity in the play calling. No screens, no slants, nothing.

The defense looks horrendous. No tackling, confusion on what a QB making his THIRD START EVER is going to do.

Just getting beat from one end of the field to the other. Do I have faith in a second half comeback? After what happened last week, it's possible, but the difference is UVA has cashed in on all of its scoring opportunities. We are not staring at an 11 poing deficit. We are 21 points down.

Who can we blame?! I'd love to blame somebody, but I have no idea why this team contiinues to do this to us and itself.
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Terps v. Cal (Almost) Halftime Thread

I have to remove the "They Can't Win" Thread off the top of the page; just for karma's sake.Today is my birthday. I can't picture a better present than what the Terps gave us in the first half. The running game has stayed true and Turner has been able to make them pay when Cal stacks the box. He isn't going down the field (except for that laser [...] Read More »

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Halftime Observations

We suck.There's your observation. Now I can't watch this game (thank goodness), but I'm following it on the GameTracker. It seems like it's pretty much self explanatory as far as the numbers go. Let's take a look, why don't we:We are losing to American 25-20 at the half. Just unbelieveable.We are shooting 21%, that's 5 of 24 from the field. Bu [...] Read More »

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