BB&T: Maryland vs George Washington

Do you remember when the BB&T Tournament used to be a high quality affair?  Much like the decline of the Terps fortunes over the years, so too has the BB&T sank to mediocrity.  Now, it just basically an annual game with either George Mason or George Washington.  Georgetown is the only thing keep this from being a great regional tournament but alas it is not in the cards.

Today, the Terps face a true test.  GW is 7-1 with a one of those wins coming against a top 20 team (Creighton).  The Terps can boast no such thing and as such will have their work cut out for them.

As Post beat writer, Alex Prewitt, excellently pointed out after the Ohio State game; the Terps defensive lapses killed them in Columbus.  One can hope that the film room disposed Nick Faust and Jake Layman of their bad habits.  Otherwise, it could be another ugly loss and a decent into another dreadful season of going nowhere.

This game is a must-win for Maryland.  BC looms and Thursday and 2-0 week will give the team some momentum heading into the cupcake stretch that ends the year.  We could actually be in a decent position heading into the ACC season.  It all starts with a win today.  There are no excuses.  The team must play up to its capabilities.

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Maryland vs Northwestern - ACC v B1G Challenge

It's a Turtle Soup Reunion / Road Trip! Both Gregg and I will be in attendance in the gorgeous Welsh-Ryan Arena.  This will be my first look at this year's squad.  All I know about Northwestern is that their arena sucks and they run the Princeton offense.  They are also undefeated.  I would expect that only one team will [...] Read More »

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Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

I am reposting my thoughts after the GT game because due to a miscommunication, Gregg posted over top of my comments. Besides, as many have pointed out, the Vasquez issue has been beat to death. This is a nice segue to Miami on Wednesday......At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have [...] Read More »

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Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have effectively ended the season, and it was discouraging to see the Terps struggle against the worst team in the ACC.However, consider the following:1. MD matches up poorly against the Yellowjackets. GT has a massive frontcourt and MD is well, c [...] Read More »

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Georgia Tech: ACC Opener Thread

This afternoon's game is a must-win.  The Terps have to bounce back and prove that Morgan State was an aberration.  The ACC schedule is too tough to give up a win at home against a bottom division team.  I don't care how big GT is, the Terps must beat them.I don't see Maryland blowing any ACC team out and GT is no exception.  However, Maryland is c [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs. GaTech Preview

I am going to be flying to NYC tomorrow and I will not have access to the Internet for most of the weekend. Thus, I am posting a preview of tomorrow's decisive tilt against the Yellow Jackets now. The Jackets have some nice wins in their favor, most notably at Notre Dame (I don't care how bad they are, that was the first game of the season in a [...] Read More »

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