10 Things We Learned From Cal v. Maryland

Image by Getty Images via Daylife1.  The O-line is going to struggle all year.Chris Turner had no time to pass. Plain and simple.2.  The Defense is disorganized.How many times did you see Cal receivers running ahead of our CBs?  If the safeties are blitzing and we don't have the CBs to play man-to-man; then the defensive strategy needs to change.  [...] Read More »

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Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

I am reposting my thoughts after the GT game because due to a miscommunication, Gregg posted over top of my comments. Besides, as many have pointed out, the Vasquez issue has been beat to death. This is a nice segue to Miami on Wednesday......At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have [...] Read More »

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Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have effectively ended the season, and it was discouraging to see the Terps struggle against the worst team in the ACC.However, consider the following:1. MD matches up poorly against the Yellowjackets. GT has a massive frontcourt and MD is well, c [...] Read More »

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Terps Cruise 86-58 Over Del. State

The game was over after 10 minutes. That's about all the time it took for Maryland's starters to build a 20 point lead. Unfortunately, the Terps played more or less even with Delaware State the rest of the way until they finally padded the lead in the final five minutes.Greivis Vasquez had a fantastic game. 50% from the floor, 16 points, 8 boards [...] Read More »

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Picking Up The Pieces From A Blowout

Tonight was an utter disaster. There really is no other way to say it. I can't recall a Terps squad getting so thoroughly manhandled. When was last time Maryland lost by 27 points? Not only did the Terps get embarrassed by a local rival on national TV; but a blueprint for how to beat the Terps was unveiled. Smother Greivis Vasquez and force eve [...] Read More »

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Maryland Rolls Over Northwood in Tune Up

The score was 104-60 and it was over before it started. The Terps didn't have the services of arguably their top two players (Greivis Vasquez and Sean Mosley); yet domintated throughout.I missed the game; but clearly the Terps are not going to lead the NCAA in frontcourt scoring. The bigs didn't give us much offensively, but if the skill players [...] Read More »

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Terps Lose the Battle of Murfreesboro

Judging from the box score, the game was not all that dissimilar from a Civil War era slaughter.The Terps came into the game against MTSU thinking it was a trap game. A trap game it was. Chris Turner played like absolute ass and the play calling was atrocious. Here's a news flash for Friedgen and Franklin: if you only bring in Josh Portis for r [...] Read More »

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Why There Is Still Hope

I pretty much share everyone's thoughts on the Terps loss on Sunday night. They gave the game away, literally, in the 2nd half. They could or SHOULD have been up more than 9 points in the first half if they had taken care of the ball. Duke is a good team and eventually their shots will go in, and they were the more aggressive team in the 2nd hal [...] Read More »

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK, so it wasn't USA 4, USSR 3 from the 1980 Olympics, but beating #1 UNC at the Dean Dome is one of the all-time great wins in Maryland history. This from the team that was justifiably ridiculed by Billy Packer just four nights ago? Impossible!What happened today is why we love sports. To quote the greatest sports movie eve [...] Read More »

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We Won A Hoops Game!

Okay, I'm giving some love now.Please excuse no post on the huge hoops win on Friday. Spent the night watching the bowl debacle, then had a 1st year birthday party for my son. But enough about me, the Terps looked like a basketball team again. Wow.Stat of the game. We shot 48%. They weren't all layups either, so that's a big improvement. We h [...] Read More »

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