Maryland vs. Clemson Preview and Thread

Clemson comes to town today and frankly, I'm not excited.  In fact, it could be a blood letting.  Maryland is in complete disarray and reeling from losses to schools with next no football pedigree.  It is not exactly the best time to host perennial power, Clemson.

The loss last week to Rutgers officially lowered the floor for the season. There is no telling how bad this will end.  The fan base senses this (this will be demonstrated by the vast amounts of empty seats this afternoon).

Despite the storm clouds that loom over College Park; there is a tiny fiber of being that thinks that maybe the Terps will play a mistake-free game and execute their game plan.  I think they hit rock-bottom last week.  When that happens; there is nothing left to lose.  Maybe, just maybe, they have been freed from their chains of expectation.

I doubt it, but there is a reason they play the games.

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Duke Preview. Will It Be Jeckyl Or Hyde?

What's going to happen tomorrow night?  Does anyone actually know?  Does Gary Williams know which version of the Terps will show up?  Would you be willing to bet one way or another as to which team will show up?  Will MD get blown out by 40 or will they punch their ticket with an emphatic win?I sure as hell don't know. What I do know is that if the [...] Read More »

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Charlotte at Home = Trap Game

Charlotte is dangerous. They lost to Clemson by 1 point. Last year, the Terps won on the road in what at the time, signaled a brief resurgence that culminated with our victory at UNC a few weeks later. This time around, the Terps are looking to keep their longest winning streak in two years alive as they head into the conference schedule.The Ter [...] Read More »

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George Washington Preview and Thread

My slingbox is out of commission, so I will have to follow the proceedings online. GW is rebuilding. The Colonials didn't even finish over .500 last year (figures we played VCU last year in the BB&T) and are looking to rebound.Their squad is young and has some talent; but the Terps have no excuse to lose tonight. Maryland should win by 15-20 [...] Read More »

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Can the Terps Defy Death (Valley)?

Winning a football game in Death Valley is a rare occurance for Clemson opponents. Few venues in the ACC boast a larger capacity than the 81,473 seats in Memorial Stadium. The Terps have posted victories in Death Valley only three times since 1985- roughly 27% of the time.\par\parThe odds are against the Terps this time around too. Before the s [...] Read More »

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Eastern Michigan Preview and Game Thread

Now, this is exciting. [...] Read More »

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They Can't Win (& Cal Game Thread)

I don't mean the Terps can't win the game against Cal on Saturday. They might.I mean the Terps can't win in the media, and that's not a good sign for this program.First let me say I'm as frustrated as anyone in the Terps inconsistencies in the past 4 seasons. They have not earned the benefit of the doubt in any way, but the way some of the media [...] Read More »

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Game 1 - Delaware

Alright Soupers. Game 1 of the football season is upon us. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to finally see some Terps football after last season left a bad taste in all of our mouths after the offensive collapse against Oregon State, and the 3 tough winable games that our boys just could not get.It's a new year with a new Offensive Co [...] Read More »

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Morgan State Comes To College Park To Decide State Title

During Gary's first season, 1989, the Coppin State Eagles came to College Park and upset the Terrapins. Maryland hasn't played Coppin since. That is how Gary rewards the "other" state schools in Maryland. Play us tough? See you in five years. Beat us? Have a good life.Is tomorrow going to be Morgan State's last appearance in College Park? If s [...] Read More »

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Terps vs. PooVa

So UVA is 6-1? Who have they played? They have a nice win against GaTech at home, but then again, so do the Terps. Besides that, show me the quality win? UConn? Middle Tennesee State? Pittsburgh and Duke are terrible. Somehow, UVA is #19 in the BCS standings? Explain that to me please. Any team that is 6-1 deserves respect, but Maryland sh [...] Read More »

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