Terps Come Up Short, Again

For me, yesterday's loss at the hands of an eminently beatable Temple squad was the first truly frustrating loss of the season. Sure, I've been disappointed with other losses this year, but I always felt the other team was simply the better one and the Terps were learning on the job, so at least the loss was productive

Yesterday was different.  It's clear that the Terps lack the mental toughness required to beat teams on the road.  The last 7 minutes of the game were atrocious both defensively and offensively.  From offensive standpoint, the entire team just deferred to Stoglin and he proceeded to basically go 1 on 5 for the rest of the game.  Yes, Terrell Stoglin is an elite scorer and our best player; but he can't do it alone and he can't do it outside of the team's offensive scheme.

Defensively, the Terps just stopped guarding the perimeter over the final 7 minutes.  It was disgraceful.  Mychal Parker, in particular is a terrible defender.  He got caught out position multiple times throughout the game.  The Terps also tend to over rotate and teams are just swinging the ball over to the weak-side shooter for open looks.  That's not going to work against Duke.  Our wind defenders need to stay home.  The open base line three is more dangerous than the ball handler driving against our bigs.  Padgett and Len (when healthy) can more than hold their own against driving guards.

This team is not ready to compete night in and night out.  The roster is light and we've known this for some time.  The best players are freshman and sophomores.  In my view, that why we are seeing the Terps falter.  As I mentioned the mental toughness to excel and the end of close games is not there.  Another example of this is the horrendous free throw shooting.  The Terps started out 6-6 from the line and finished 6-15.  There's your ballgame right there.  I'm tired of this.  The guys in the locker room need to get tougher quickly.  Duke comes to town this week and the Terps have to eliminate these issues.

Emotions will be running high as Gary Williams will be there to see the court at Comcast Center named in his honor.  Hopefully, the team will rise to the occasion and play a game that befits the courts new name.


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Terps Hit New Low

Every time Maryland loses at Miami, it feels like the program is at rock bottom.  Somehow, tonight's loss feels even worse.  Consider: There were 500 fans at the game.  If it is any solace; the ACC has sunk farther as a conference than the Terps have as a program. Gary got out coached again.  The zone got Maryland back in th [...] Read More »

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Terps Squander Stoglin's Mastery

For all intents and purposes, the season is now over.  NIT here we come.  Adrian Bowie, Cliff Tucker, and Sean Mosley have gotten worse as the season has progressed.  They have been terrible in this last stretch of games. Despite their dreadful performances; the Terps were in this game to the end thanks to the dazzling play of Te [...] Read More »

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Terps Are An NIT Team

Today's game was lost in 2007.  You see, that was the year that Cliff Tucker, Adrian Bowie, and Dino Gregory came to campus. Of that illustrious group, Dino is the only one in the class who has improved during his time on campus.  If this were the 1990s, none of these kids would have even sniffed a campus visit, let alone play a combined [...] Read More »

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The Cavalcade of Injuries Continue

Left tackle Justin Gilbert will miss the remainder of the season, according to numerous sources, another in a long, long list of injuries for the Terps through the season's first three weeks. There were a number of lineup change options that the coaches had to choose from, but they decided to go with the one that was horribly unsuccessful on Saturd [...] Read More »

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Greivis' Math = We All Fail.

I apologize for publishing the obscenity below:9-27 FG (33%), 4-12 3PT, 8-11 FTs, 7 assists, 6 turnovers, 4 rebsThat's Vasquez' line from tonight's game.  It's an abomination.  27 shots?  12 threes point attempts? These numbers don't even illustrate how bad it was down the stretch.  J Will is open at the low block with a guard on him.  Greivis igno [...] Read More »

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A New Low For Maryland Basketball

The headline is over the top you say?Sure, the Terps have lost to Mid Majors at home over the last three years.  A trend so disturbing that it has forced me to reconsider why I even follow this team in the first place.   However, despite those annual December demoralizing defeats; the Terps have never been blown out by one of these teams.  Until to [...] Read More »

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It's Official: The Football Team Sucks

Middle Tennessee State University came into Byrd Stadium and left with a win.  I went to Maryland when Mark Duffner was the coach and we never lost a game to a team like that. Now, we've lost to a team like that in successive seasons. First away and now at home.The program has gone from excelling to middling in less than a decade.  We went from mid [...] Read More »

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My Thoughts On Greivis' Comments

I just read through Greg's remarks and all of the subsequent comments about Vaz and I have this to say:Leave the kid alone!If there were indeed any racist slurs hurled at GV as has been alleged; then I am indeed ashamed as we all should be. If true, than the University needs to do a better job of policing the student section. That is an absolute [...] Read More »

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O-line, Turner Horrid

You know, Ralph Friedgen is always complaining about lack of fan support for the football team. Well, if he expects to have good crowds, I would think he'd like to show up in the biggest game of the year.The offensive line, one that is big and experienced should be ashamed of themselves. They have been just miserable and they should offer apologi [...] Read More »

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