Temple Rolls Over Terps

It must have felt like old times for Randy Edsall this afternoon.  He got hammered by a non-BCS school.  When UConn entered Division I (or FBS or whatever 3 letter acronym they go by now); drubbings by D-I also-rans were routine. 

Unfortunately for Edsall and Terp fans these kind of performances are totally unacceptable.  The Terps gave up three TDs in the first 10 minutes and that was that.  The Danny O'Brien led offense mustered no returns for any of their efforts.

This just won't do.  The season is not over.  The Terps are still undefeated in the ACC after all.  However, does anyone believe that this team is currently prepared to compete at high level.

Whatever confidence the team had after the Miami is completely gone.  Danny O'Brien is lacking chemistry with his receivers and there is no indication if or when the rightful starting wideouts will return.

Edsall's discipline regimen works great when you're winning.  It wears thin when your losing.  The Terps look like a team that is going to be doing a lot of the latter the rest of this season. 

As fans; we'd all be better served if we started paying attention to the futbol team (aka Men's Soccer).  They are undefeated and look to be headed to a possible third national championship. 

AD Kevin Anderson caught tons of flack over the Edsall hiring.  That flack will start to rain down upon him at an ever faster pace.  It's clear that he botched the Friedgen firing. His handling of Gary Williams' retirement made some of us forget his earlier buffoonery; but today's debacle brought those bad memories back in a hurry.

If there's any justice in the world; Mike Leach and Ralph Friedgen are having a beer somewhere and laughing heartily.

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