Eliot Williams to Leave Duke

The word is that Williams will be transferring to Memphis to be closer to his dying mother.  That is really sad.  Eliot was definitely an impact player in both regular season Duke victories over MD.  Given his personal trauma, it is hard to rejoice at this news even if it is likely to help the Terps next season.  Williams is a sublime athlete and created match up problems for our slower guards.

It remains to be seen what Coach Krybaby is planning to do to replace Williams on the roster.  I'd be shocked if, as some have speculated, that Lance Stephenson would enter the picture.  Given the character and eligibility questions; I'd think that Duke would steer clear.  However, desperation often creates strange bedfellows; so you never know.
Author: Jeremy | 6/24/2009 11:09:47 AM | Tags: duke sucks, eliot williams |