Duke Preview. Will It Be Jeckyl Or Hyde?

What's going to happen tomorrow night?  Does anyone actually know?  Does Gary Williams know which version of the Terps will show up?  Would you be willing to bet one way or another as to which team will show up?  Will MD get blown out by 40 or will they punch their ticket with an emphatic win?I sure as hell don't know. What I do know is that if the [...] Read More »

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A Reckoning

Moments like these beg the question:  is it better to be a fan or should we all find another hobby?Maryland has never beaten an ACC opponent the way Duke trounced the Terps today.41 point loss.  The Terps only scored 44 points.Herm Edwards was ridiculed for telling the Chiefs they "could build on this!" after winning their first game of the 2008 se [...] Read More »

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Gameday Thread: Maryland v. Duke

Maryland enters the first installment of its biannual dance with Duke at a crossroads.  At 13-5, the Terps desperately need a signature win to get back into serious contention for an NCAA berth.Terp Nation is uneasy.  Clearly undermanned upfront, the Terps have played valiantly, yet they appear to be fatally flawed in a distinct way: Maryland is un [...] Read More »

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Duke Football Revisited

This is a story I first wrote about over the summer, but I found this on YouTube; and it I just had to share it.I'll recap for you: The University of Louisville sued Duke University for backing out of its obligation to travel to Louisville for a football game. In the clip, Duke's lawyer argues that the contract stipulated that the agreement could [...] Read More »

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Why There Is Still Hope

I pretty much share everyone's thoughts on the Terps loss on Sunday night. They gave the game away, literally, in the 2nd half. They could or SHOULD have been up more than 9 points in the first half if they had taken care of the ball. Duke is a good team and eventually their shots will go in, and they were the more aggressive team in the 2nd hal [...] Read More »

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Maryland - Duke Thread

Pregame: 1:30 CTThe Gold Palace is preparing for a classic battle of wills this evening. The anticipation is killing me. I may have to go run on the treadmill to relieve the anticipation.I have added the "chat" feature for this evening's game. It's at the bottom of the post on the left hand side. If you feel like commiserating with the rest of [...] Read More »

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The Case Against Duke

Some years ago, I stumbled upon what I called, at the time, "The Anti-Duke Manifesto". It was written by a brilliant young UNC Law student, named Brian Allen. His entire treatise has been republished for posterity on Truth About Duke. Allen has since published a book of his musings (you can find it here).I mention this because with the Duke game [...] Read More »

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My Evening with Dukies

The night began innocuously enough. I met up with my future sister-in-law's boyfriend and his buddy at Ruth's Chris in Chicago. After some juicy fillets had been downed, in walked Darius Miles (celebrity sighting #1). He entered with his family, not his entourage. The sighting would not have been worth mentioning if it had not been a part of what f [...] Read More »

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One Last Jab at the Dukies.

I simply can't resist. Whomever clicked this gem, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If anyone knows the kid holding the "ly gay" sign, hug him for me.  I love how they captured nerd #2 looking up at the sign.  Brilliant.Clearly the photo is from last year (aka the only two times Duke has been Maryland in its last seven tries), but who cares. I [...] Read More »

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Duke is pwn3d!

We own Duke.  We have won 5 out of 7 (were favored to win none of the games).  If this Maryland team were to play this Duke team 10 times, Maryland would win 8 of the games.  We are better at every position.We are a good team.  The seniors have really stepped up.  Jones was great.  Strawberry was great.  Sure, there a few ill-advised shots strewn a [...] Read More »

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