Beat Duke (Please)

 Well, the Terps are up against it now. Pe'shon Howard is lost for the year, and with him went our only reliable ball handler.  How can the Terps go on?

Here's the case.  Pe was the Terps 4th or 5th best scorer.  He turned the ball over a lot for a PG he wasn't shooting that well from the floor.  As long as someone (Faust, Stoglin, or Mosley) can get them into the half court offense, they should be fine.

Of course, I'd much prefer Pe to be out there, but I think the Terps can survive. Besides, teams across many sports tend to excel at precisely the moment when they lose a key player and everyone is counting them out.  Today would be a great time for the Terps to prove the rule true yet again. 

The Terps must win today or at UNC to have a chance at the NCAAs. Coming off a nice road win and five days rest, why can't they come through today? If Stoglin catches fire down the stretch, the Terps can beat anyone. 

Get to it.

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DUKE Q&A and Game Thread

 This is the least emotionally ready that I have been for a Maryland-Duke that I've been in years.  I have an emotional hangover from the brutal stomach-punch loss my Ravens took on Sunday plus I'm frustrated with the Terps recent play.  The Temple game left me deflated.  So, I'm trying something a little different.  Th [...] Read More »

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Duke v Maryland Preview and Game Thread

Duke Football. Catch the excitement.                  Image by dwehrs via FlickrDuke supposedly has an offense.  41 points in the opener vs.Elon and 48 points at Wake.  Sounds impressive until one looks at the last two games.  13 points scored at Alabama and 21 points scored in a loss to Army.  Granted, Alabama is the best team in the country; but [...] Read More »

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Some Pre-Duke Quotes

As promised (even though I'm a little late), here are some quotes I got from the Duke presser yesterday. It was my first one of these, and it was pretty cool. There were about 25 reporters (including familiar Terp faces like Patrick Stevens, Seth Hoffman, Steve Yanda and Jeff Barker), a bunch of cameras and Chick Hernandez, and Jay Bilas was just c [...] Read More »

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A Victory For The Ages. Terps Win In 2OT

What a game.  Vasquez turned in the best second half I can remember.  He was 11 for 23 in the second half.  He wilted down the stretch (finishing 4-14); but who can blame him?  The man played 48 minutes.Vasquez made some mistakes (that 3pt with 6 seconds left in the first OT being the biggest); but he also found an open Hayes for what should have b [...] Read More »

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Duke Game Survival Guide and Game Thread

The fact that the mid-week game against UVA was postponed this week has only added to the anticipation for tip off at Cameron tomorrow.   It's hard not to get carried away.The Terps have been cruising and Duke looks vulnerable (aka frighteningly unathletic); but we need to be realistic.  Here are six tips to get you through the game:1.  Expect a lo [...] Read More »

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Terps ACC Season Preview: Finale

The final installment of this entirely-too-long series has arrived. The three remaining teams on the schedule are Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and the Dookies.I had an entirely different intro written and ready to go before the Clemson game happened, but it really doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. Instead I’ll say that no one other than Gary Willia [...] Read More »

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Eliot Williams to Leave Duke

The word is that Williams will be transferring to Memphis to be closer to his dying mother.  That is really sad.  Eliot was definitely an impact player in both regular season Duke victories over MD.  Given his personal trauma, it is hard to rejoice at this news even if it is likely to help the Terps next season.  Williams is a sublime athlete and c [...] Read More »

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ACC Semifinal Thread: Maryland - Duke

There is no use worrying about the bubble today folks. The Terps have everything they need in front of them. Play tough man-to-man defense. Rebound. Shoot well. Do we make the great leap today? A golden opportunity awaits should we win. Will lightning strike twice in five years? I can't wait to find out.Gary! Gary! [...] Read More »

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Duke Preview. Will It Be Jeckyl Or Hyde?

What's going to happen tomorrow night?  Does anyone actually know?  Does Gary Williams know which version of the Terps will show up?  Would you be willing to bet one way or another as to which team will show up?  Will MD get blown out by 40 or will they punch their ticket with an emphatic win?I sure as hell don't know. What I do know is that if the [...] Read More »

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