Phoenix has a DJ

With the penultimate pick in the 2007 NBA draft, the Phoenix Suns selected DJ Strawberry.  I think it is a perfect situation for DJ.  He won't have to score (which is good, because he won't be able to), and he will be called on to stop the likes of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.  Given his athleticism, I think DJ could become an effective defensive stopper in the league.  Regardless, the kid earned it.  Straw garnered much criticism for his poor decision making, but no one ever questioned his effort.  I like to see kids who try hard get rewarded.  Now, if DJ could just learn the difference between a good shot and a bad shot.  There is no one better than Mike D'Antoni to teach him.

I also wanted to mention that MVN has added a chat feature to the blog.  I think it is going to be great during the football and basketball seasons.  Loyal readers will recall that during games, many readers would make comments during the game.  This feature will allow those comments to be actual conversations.  It should be pretty cool.   I'm testing it out now.
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Hail Gary! Hail the Seniors

What a game! Can you believe they pulled that one out? The most crucial sequence of the game came when Mike Jones turned the ball over, and the Tarheels were heading for an uncontested layup. The layup was missed, and Jones promptly drained a three cutting the lead to seven. That was a five point swing and it was all Terps the rest of the way.A col [...] Read More »

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One Win. Four To Go.

OK. We all know that beating Duke is more than just one win.  It feels so good.  Doesn't it? Seeing that disapproving skowl on Coach K's face brings me soo much joy.  I find it difficult to express it in words.  I believe the phrase in German is schadenfruede.  Helping to ruin Duke's season is a great way to boost team morale.However as the headlin [...] Read More »

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Pressed to Lose

Welcome to the grind. The grind is a place where our team leader (Strawberry) does not understand the fundamentals of team basketball. The grind is a place where the head coach insists on pressing regardless of whether or not it is working and regardless of the number of layups it causes on the other end. The grind is a place where our guards ar [...] Read More »

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