Terps Cruise 86-58 Over Del. State

The game was over after 10 minutes. That's about all the time it took for Maryland's starters to build a 20 point lead. Unfortunately, the Terps played more or less even with Delaware State the rest of the way until they finally padded the lead in the final five minutes.

Greivis Vasquez had a fantastic game. 50% from the floor, 16 points, 8 boards, 8 assists. What more could you possibly want? Oh, and he committed only one turnover.

Milbourne had the smooth J working tonight and there was no one who could keep up with him on the baseline.

Tucker dished out 7 assists. It was nice to see him get playing time. He's so far ahead of Sean Mosley that is kind of embarrassing.

Speaking of Mosley, I think he looks terrible. He's slow, has no jumper, and thinks he can score on the low block with a pump fake. I just don't see a guy who will ever be a scorer in the ACC. His jump shot is nowhere near where it needs to be. He lacks that explosive first step. Where are his points going to come from?

Mosley reminds me of Jordan Steffy. It seems like everyone but the coaching staff can tell this guy is lacking basic Division I level talent. You can't teach that.

Fortunately, Maryland has enough backcourt scoring at the moment that we don't need to worry about it. The frontcourt is still a mess. Jin Soo Kim is our best player over 6'7" and he weighs 195 lbs. Dino Gregory is a hustle player who does the little things, but he will be out matched against bigger opponents. Dupree is a wasted scholarship at this point. He brings nothing to the table. He got a layup blocked by a guard tonight.

It's clear that Vasquez has a made a concerted effort to hit the glass. I haven't looked, but he has to be leading the team in rebounding. Let's hope Burney comes back in time for the road the first ACC road game (Miami).

The Terps don't play for 10 days as the head into Finals week and then it is cupcake city until the New Year.

Overall, I still like what I am seeing. 13-2 heading inot Miami or bust.
The crowd was awful tonight. Comcast was maybe half full. I realize Delaware State is terrible, but can our boys get a little fan support?
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