Gary Williams Is Giddy

Now that Debbie Yow has gone; all of that unspoken animosity has apparently bubbled to the surface.  Apparently, Gary Williams can't contain his excitement that Yow has left.  Jeff Goodman on reports that "Yow's departure has added 5-years to Williams' career".

Yeesh.  I knew it was bad; but I didn't know it was THAT bad.  My guess is that she must have held up so many scholarships over the years that Gary blames her for the downward slide the last 8 years.  I think we all suspected something like this; but Gary giddiness confirms our theories.

My favorite part of the article is where Goodman says that Gary has had a very busy July.  To me, that means Gary thinks he can now land recruits that used to be off limits due to Yow's interference (or her tougher-than-necessary academic requirements).  Regardless, I suspect a more active Gary Williams will lead to a more competitive team on the court.
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Wheel's Post on Debbie Yow

Since Wheels was having trouble uploading his post; I've reprinted it here.  Feel free to comment underneath:I’ve done a little research in my spare time this morning/afternoon.  I usedthe United States Department of Education’s Equality in Athletics Database forall financial figures reported below (these figures include only directrevenue and expe [...] Read More »

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